Buyers' Group
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The original Buyers’ Group was established in Texas in 1985 by U.S. residents with Honors degrees in math and physics, and long experience in business, computers, technology and data systems. In the 1990's Buyers’ Group shifted from solely marketing equipment to computer and communications systems consulting, then web development and information services, Advanced Trading Systems.

Finest Directory, Best-O.Net, and are divisions of Buyers’ Group inc. Our main goals and niche are to use our long experience to aid better under-recognized small to medium businesses, towns and institutions to compete in a cluttered and hazardous internet environment, by cutting the marketing costs and building maintainability-sustainability for excellent but under-recognized entities to grow.

After the telecommunications and internet bubble bust of 2003-2004, we specialized in web services for small businesses and non-profits with emphasis on maintainability and improvment campaigns. Our mainstay clients have been small to medium businesses and non-profits.

In 2011, Buyers' Group added websites relating to website promotion and to offer specialized directories.

We have found the neglected niche of a weakness in the marketing environment: Bringing great but sometimes smaller jewels to the attention of those with discriminating tastes, and making the internet surfers’ life richer, faster and better. Try us and see.

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