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Directory of Best Lists, Top lists, best sites, finest quality best products, places, services, resources, Better Directories and sources of information to improve your life; Finest Quality or Fine Value.

The finest places, products, services and resources are often dedicated to quality, not promotion on Google. Those hidden gems (sometimes the biggest–but usually not) are what we list, in Top Lists, Best Lists and quick short-list directories. With your help, suggestions and nominations, our Lists and Directories cut through the clutter. Check out's Best Gift Sites. We review and rate busineses, websites and products for quality and customer service.

Our selected fine services, products, places, contractors and resources—often over-looked by others, can enrich your life. We are looking for suggestions and nominations for Finest Directory, and for great sites, tools, sources and resources.

Google touts the biggest– often not the best. Neglected and hidden gems abound that Google’s automated machine can not identify.

True craftsmen and masters of quality, and great places and services often don’t spend their time and money on getting highly rated by Google. Google ignores the chicken and the egg problem, that to be highest-ranked you have to be popular with Google’s authorities, and referenced by many big sites like the New York Times, MSNBC and Yahoo. But if you are hidden and busy with improving or keeping a quality place or product up, you won’t be listed in Google’s first 10 pages. Only word of mouth and our particular rating factors can help you reach these hidden gems. You have to help. Tell us what’s great quality or fine value, the store, the product, the service, place or resource.
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